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Case study - The Monkeys

NIDA Corporate Training has been working with advertising agency and branded content company The Monkeys to help them develop their presentation skills.

The Monkeys are part of a new breed of nimble entrepreneurial companies that are changing the way brands communicate with their audiences. Their business is growing, but the team felt they needed some tools and techniques they could call on in their conversations and engagement with clients.

NIDA Corporate Training took The Monkeys team members through a one-day Presenting with Impact workshop to introduce the team to the techniques to help them present with confidence and authority.

Michael Hogg who works as a Strategist for The Monkeys, says the whole day felt like an experience that was tailored to the group, ‘rather than like we were just going through the motions’.

'It didn’t feel “corporate” in that way. It felt more holistic and less contrived than tricks and gimmicks to help you present in a corporate environment.'

The team also found that, although the session was specific to presentation skills, the way the NIDA Corporate Training tutor approached the session meant it also covered other useful skills for effective communication more generally. The workshop explored a range of practical activities to enhance physical and vocal presence, and looked at how these tools and techniques can be applied to different audiences and scenarios.

Michael says one of the most beneficial aspects of the training was the opportunity for the team to watch back videos of their presentations. 'Nothing beats seeing a video of yourself to help you improve. Rather than theory, it makes everything applied learning.

'Personally, I am more aware of my presentation strengths and weaknesses. Rather than trying to “cure” my weaknesses during the session itself, having self-awareness about them means it’s something I can continue to work on.'

NIDA Corporate Training also made sure the day was a positive opportunity for The Monkeys to do some team-building outside of the office. Michael says they are already a pretty close-knit group at the agency, but the sometimes confronting nature of public speaking brought them closer together.

'You have to let yourself go in front of each other which is liberating. Also, the group feedback felt like a less-confronting way to learn as well as a good way to build understanding and morale amongst the group.

'I was sceptical at first that this training would be at all helpful, but the content of the day was so good and the tutor was able to tailor his approach to the group so well (given we were all fairly cynical ad people). If anyone asked me I’d tell them, “Do it”. It’s half as scary and twice as good as you think it will be.'

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