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Corporate training through NIDA differs from all other leadership courses I have experienced. I love its tactile and physical nature, learning techniques to be more comfortable in front of a crowd and how to present with confidence. The structure of the courses feels like play! And you are in a safe environment to be vulnerable to get out of your comfort zone.

Finch Company

Attended Influential Women

A fantastic course and very inspiring to see the growth of the women in this course. I had high expectations and yes, these expectations were exceeded. I will definitely recommend this course to my female colleagues.

Individual Course

Attended Influential Women

Great experience, group orientated but with individual focus, challenging in a good way and the tutor was fantastic in making it fun but with results.

Individual Course

Attended Confident Voice

Not only the best public speaking training course I have participated, also the best women's empowerment course.

Individual Course

Attended Influential Women

A really positive, informative and engaging experience. There are so many key takeaways from the course that I look forward to applying to my work experience and have definitely become more aware of my level of presenting and techniques I can use to improve.

There was no judgement and it was truly a safe place to learn and develop, thank you.

Moët Hennessy, NSW

Customised Training

The course was extremely engaging and interactive. I learned many useful tips to improve my presentation skills and although I started the day apprehensive, the tutor quickly made everyone feel comfortable and at ease with what the day would involve.

Rural Funds Management, ACT

Customised Training

Earning even the simple tips on stance, voice, pausing, and warming up had really great feedback from the team. These are skills that can be used by anyone in any situation.


Customised Training

The course itself was valuable to reassess the way in which I create and deliver stories that will leave an impression on my audience.

Cochlear, NSW

Customised Training

It pushed me out of my comfort zone and provided practical applications.

Suncorp, QLD

Customised Training

It was fantastic. A vulnerable yet informative experience. It was great to connect with my coworkers on a different level. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is needing to improve their self-awareness and presenting skills.

Hyundai Motor Company Australia, NSW

Persuasive Communication & Presenting with Influence, Team Training

I gained profound insights into my presentation style, including body language, voice modulation, and content structure. Provided practical, actionable feedback to enhance my personal presence and presentation skills. While challenging, incredibly helpful.

I highly recommend this session to anyone looking to improve their presentation abilities. It was not only beneficial but also an enjoyable learning experience.

Fire and Rescue, NSW

Presenting with Confidence, Team Training

The Presenting with Confidence course at NIDA was great for our company! I was impressed by how interactive it was and how practical the feedback given ended up being.

I feel empowered to keep working on my presenting skills and I look forward to incorporating these new tools in my day to day work.

Smokeball, NSW

Presenting with Confidence, Team Training

This is an area I haven't placed enough importance on in the past as I probably wasn't aware the different ways in which I need to prepare. Definitely a process I will utilise moving forward


Corporate Performance & Influential Women, Team Training

Having a chance to try out the strategies, tools we discussed, and to get feedback, and to then try again. So useful!

Xero, VIC

1:1 Coaching, Customised Training

A key takeaway for me was learning that 55% of a presentation is visual. This was really insightful for me to learn.


Presenting with Confidence, Team Training

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