Testimonials NIDA


Attended Influential Women

"A fantastic course and very inspiring to see the growth of the women in this course.
I had high expectations and yes, these expectations were exceeded. I will definitely recommend this course to my female colleagues."
Recruitment Officer, University of Sydney


Attended Public Speaking Bootcamp

"I undertook the course, as a firefighter and having had virtually no experience in public speaking. I enrolled as I was about to release my first Book, and knew I would be doing some speaking events based around this. I chose the NIDA course specifically for its story telling component as my book is a memoir.

I have just returned from the UK, where I spoke at several events and did 14 radio interviews. Last week I launched my book here and spoke at the event. Following this I have had some incredible feedback including words such as ‘inspiring, eloquent, strong’ etc. Many friends have asked where I learned to speak and commented on my ‘transformation’! I have since been asked if I would be interested in doing some corporate public speaking as well as other events.

The course has truly altered the course of my life and enabled me to tell my story and share my message (around grief, mental illness and suicide) in a genuine, authentic and accessible way. So please do thank Matt and Sonia on my behalf. Their teaching has been invaluable to me."
Firefighter & Author


Attended NIDA Corporate Media Training

"I’m so grateful for the excellent work your two tutors did. It’s really given me the gift of the gab! In fact, recently I even gave a presentation for Hack Day in Sydney, a feat of which I’m not sure I could have done, or could have done as well as I did, without the teachings I got from NIDA"
Media Researcher, Australian Associated Press (AAP)


Attended a customised workshop around presenting with impact

"This full day workshop was excellent – our trainer was warm, knowledgeable, encouraging and engaging.
In terms of relevance to the role of trainer with RDVSA, this training was very appropriate and beneficial.
The most helpful aspects of the day included the information about energy levels, the trainer’s suggestion to reflect on why I feel that the information I am attempting to convey is important and how to arrive at my own way of presenting a particular slide/piece of information – “how do I want to say that”? It was also helpful to have a ‘safe harbour’ for the hands and to think about posture to achieve greater confidence.
I put this workshop to the test a couple of weeks after attending and had great results. This was confirmed by the feedback from the student participants as well as how the subjective sense of accomplishment I experienced from a job well done. I did not feel nervous as I was too busy feeling passionate about what I had to say and had practised presenting it in my own natural way. I am confident that the benefits will remain and that I will be able to draw on this valuable resource for many years to come."
Specialist Counsellor and Trainer, Rape and Domestic Services Australia

"Domain Group wants to empower their people with the right learning, at the right time and ensure that they have opportunities to embed what they’ve learned. For this reason, when it comes to soft skills, we are interested in blended learning journeys which see individuals participate in a number of activities including pre thinking, experiential practice, reflection and review, followed up with further practice before they try it out for real. NIDA’s corporate training program provided just that and all participants gave it a 10/10 – which is something I don’t see all the time. We are confident that this was a good investment of time and resources for our people."
Head of Organisational Capability, Domain Group


More testimonials

"My expectations were high due to a referral, and these were met and exceeded."
Hardship & Social Policy Manager, AGL

"I expected to be taken out of my comfort zone and learn different techniques and approaches [to public speaking]. [These expectations] were absolutely met."
Chief Financial Officer, DEEDI

"I will take the learnings back to the office and implement on a daily basis, not just for presentations. It has given me a greater degree of confidence."
State Manager, Shadforth Financial Group

"The learnings are beyond the corporate environment. [They] can be applied in everyday life."
Head of License Services, NAB Financial Planning

"[My expectations were] to enhance my ability to speak / convey messages in a more ‘charismatic’ and inspiring way, and learn new skills to better my presentation skills and talking. YES [these were] met!!!"
Business Unit Manager, Boston Scientific

“This has been one of the most beneficial courses that I have done for some time and I will be using the skills learnt. Thank you!”
Manager, 3M Sales and Marketing

“The focus on skills and situations of acting/stage relevance is an advantage in holding these courses. Much better than business or corporate schools training.”
Senior Sourcing & Design Manager, True Alliance

“I wanted to come away with practical tips for improving my presentation style. I found the coaching and feedback on the course to be very useful.”
Group Financial Controller, QBE

"I really enjoyed all on-camera work as it is something I want to get better at. LOVED the auto cue."
Executive Editor, Woman’s Day, Bauer Media