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Case study – Nespresso

NIDA Corporate Training has provided one-to-one coaching for Nespresso facilitators. Building on techniques used by actors, we adapted them to meet the needs of the Nespresso facilitators, including planning and preparing training, handling difficult and challenging communication and questions, tailoring approach to their audience, the vocal and physical language of presenting, addressing objectives and structure.

These sessions were customised for the individual participants and some sessions included a professional actor in roleplay situations. Following the initial sessions, our tutor observed each of the participants working in front of a group and provided individual and specific feedback.

What is your core business?

The Nespresso story officially began in 1986 with a simple, but revolutionary idea: enable anyone to create a perfect cup of coffee at home just like skilled baristas. Nespresso pioneered the portioned coffee segment and has been continuously innovating to deliver the highest quality coffee experiences to consumers worldwide. Since this beginning, the company has transformed coffee culture and become the reference for portioned coffee worldwide.

Along with passion for the highest quality coffee and distinctive innovation, Nespresso offers a truly unique level of personalised customer service, which is demonstrated with The Nespresso Club over the phone and within our boutiques in Australia and New Zealand. Our consumers can also order our products on our website and mobile apps 24/7.

Why did you choose NIDA Corporate Training? What was the need, event or opportunity?

Having worked successfully with NIDA in the past, Nespresso was happy to partner with NIDA again to upskill our facilitators.

What training solutions did NIDA Corporate Training deliver to your organisation?

NIDA worked with Nespresso to deliver one-on-one coaching sessions for our facilitators to work on individual needs and coach towards even higher performance.

What were the outcomes of the training for your people and organisation?

These sessions were extremely valuable. Each of our facilitators really benefited from tailored coaching, working on real training materials and content to create an even more engaging classroom experience for Nespresso employees.

How will this training assist your people and organisation to achieve goals now and into the future?

This training has helped to better equip our facilitators – building their confidence and enabling them to grow into an even stronger team that will continue to engage and inspire the organisation through the delivery of training.

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