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Staff engagement

NIDA Corporate can design and develop customised staff engagement programs to suit the needs of your business.

We offer team building activities, such as role play, theatre games and improvisation. We can partner with you to design a unique creative experience for your team or event.

Our training programs use the core acting techniques taught at NIDA to improve and enhance all areas of business performance. These techniques equip participants with the skills to become confident, inspirational leaders and communicators. Workshops can be delivered over a series of days, at a seminar or conference, or in small groups.

Staff engagement can include:

The Art of Leadership

The Art of Leadership is a fun and dynamic program of activities designed to assist managers and their teams develop practical communication techniques to create greater engagement and heighten leadership qualities within the organisational culture.

Improvisation Olympics

A fun and interactive experience utilising improvisation games in a sports-like competition. Through a series of creative challenges teams are awarded for their efforts throughout the competition.

The Social Media Presenter

With social media becoming a dominant player in professional communication – businesses are looking for new ways to stay ahead of the game in reaching their audience. The Social Media Presenter is an interactive training experience designed to introduce staff to practical techniques used in the planning and delivery of successful onscreen presentations using technology to engage stakeholders through social media.

Personal Presence

Personal Presence examines the practical physical and vocal techniques that actors use to communicate with confidence and authority. Delegates apply themselves to a series of techniques which are designed to enhance leadership presence in key areas of communication.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes can include some of the below:

  • Increased confidence
  • Greater teamwork
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Positive work ethic
  • Greater staff engagement
  • Increased physical and vocal presence
  • Techniques to communicate with confidence
  • Techniques to respond in the moment under pressure
  • Enhanced understanding of onscreen aesthetics
  • Increased physical and vocal presence in onscreen communication
  • Managing difficult client conversations
  • Framing presentations to get your message across
  • Negotiating challenging team conversations
To enquire about staff engagement activities, please contact the office on (+61) 2 9697 7560 or complete the contact us form and we will respond to your enquiry within one business day