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Welcoming Self-directed learning with Prologue by NIDA

Over the last few years, our team has been exploring new ways of offering the premium professional development that we teach within a NIDA Corporate Training course to those individuals who are unable to join us in the classroom. Initially, we explored developing 100% online courses, delivered as self-directed learning experiences. We soon realised that to provide the same quality and personalised experience that people love in our face-to-face training courses, we needed to create a self-directed learning format that was more hands-on than your typical online course.

Our research told us that many of us are suffering digital concussion. People are wanting to get away from screens and have “real life” tactile experiences. Also, we learnt that the completion rates for 100% online courses were abysmal – people were endlessly purchasing online courses and simply not completing them.

To help us solve the challenge of creating better, self-directed, short course learning, NIDA partnered with technology innovation company Nakatomi to develop a multi-media learning format that would actively engage course participants. NIDA and Nakatomi spent 18 months developing and testing a hybrid, digital and tactile learning format that works across a physical book, card games and a smart phone application.

The first course, which we’ve now launched under the all-new Prologue by NIDA brand, is called Act Natural. The core of the Act Natural course is a beautifully designed hard cover book – that takes the learner through insightful and engaging lessons in communication skills, inspired by our highly acclaimed NIDA Corporate Training courses. You are encouraged to use the book as a journal and exercise book as well as a teaching companion. Throughout the book there are QR codes – which take you directly to a mobile app. In the app there are videos, audio guides, and interactive exercises which work seamlessly with the learning in the book. There are also packs of cards in the Prologue kit, which are used for physical games throughout the course.

We tested the course on a range of professionals, and we learnt that the optimum time to do the course was 6-8 weeks. This allowed the bite-sized lessons to be spread out and applied during peoples work or personal days. Our testers told us they were seeing instant results by applying their skills as they were learning. They liked the flexibility of learning anywhere, at a time that worked for them, and they were completing the course 3.5 times more frequently than a typical online course.

For our existing NIDA Corporate Training learners – Act Natural is a perfect take-home complement to what you’ve learnt in our classrooms. But if you can’t spare a day or two to do one of our face-to-face courses or can’t easily come into the classroom for any reason, the Prologue by NIDA courses are a great way to access the NIDA Corporate Training inspiration from the comfort of your home, office, commute or... local cafe – wherever and whenever the inspiration takes you.

Explore self-directed learning further for yourself or your team! Visit the Prologue by NIDA page for comprehensive details.