Health and Safety – Face to Face Learning

NIDA Corporate is a division of NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art), which is a member of the wider Sydney arts community. Therefore, we are committed to the development and implementation of COVID-Safe policies that meet or exceed the conditions set out in Public Health Orders (PHOs) as released from time to time by the NSW Government Health Department.

In line with shifting NSW Government guidelines, and in the interests of the health, safety, and wellbeing of all visitors, staff, students, and contractors, NIDA Corporate has a duty and obligation to maintain a safe work and learning environment to prevent illness, injury and disease. These missives are paramount to the objectives of the organisation.

By enrolling in or attending a NIDA Corporate course OR by entering a NIDA premises you agree:

  • To always follow the directions of NIDA staff in respect to maintaining a COVIDSafe environment.
  • Not attend a course at NIDA Corporate if you are feeling unwell or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Instead, please get tested immediately and follow the public health guidelines from NSW Health.
  • To notify NIDA immediately if you test positive for COVID-19 and have attended a NIDA Corporate course within 14 days of your test. NIDA reserves the right to refuse entry to the building or request that you leave the building if there is a reasonable belief that you are displaying COVID-like symptoms.
  • Unless instructed otherwise, you will wear a mask at all times and follow the NSW Health guidelines.
  • To get vaccinated if it is available to you.
  • To only go to the areas in the NIDA building that you need to or are directed to.
  • Not to mix and mingle with people while in the building.
  • To continue to practice physical distancing and good hygiene.
  • To continue to check-in and check-out of the building.
  • You are not a close contact of anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or who has been required to quarantine in the past 14 days.

COVID-19 test requirements

A COVID-19 test must be taken, and a negative result received within 72 hours prior to entering the building. All entrants to the building will need to show proof of the negative test result to Reception upon entering. The test result will be either an SMS text message, or an email addressed to you. Testing locations can be found here.

Our commitment to you

To ensure the health and safety of NIDA’s staff, students, contractors, and visitors we have:

  • Undertaken a comprehensive COVIDSafe risk assessment which is under regular review to assist with maintaining a safe environment.
  • Closely monitored the number of attendees in all NIDA Corporate classes.
  • Limited the presence of staff, students and visitors before, during and after class where possible, practical and safe to do so.
  • Provided Hygiene stations (hand sanitiser) at the entry of the building and in all training rooms.
  • Trained and supported staff to ensure best hygiene and safety practice.
  • Transitioned to digital resources where possible, including surveys and certificates to reduce physical touch points
  • Increased cleaning of all areas, in particular frequent use, and high touch point areas.

Food and catering

Where we have arranged catering for on-site courses, we will provide a lunchbox-style format instead of a buffet. We will only source catering from businesses which have a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place and are meeting mandatory obligations to reduce the risk of COVID-19. Please do not share food, drink bottles or utensils with others.

External venues

At all external venues where NIDA operates, we have liaised with the venue to ensure they comply with government guidelines around COVID-19 safety and are able to support NIDA best practice standards.

NIDA Corporate will keep accurate attendance records to support contact tracing, if required. We will also actively manage the number of people present in classrooms and common areas at all times.

If you have a concern about NIDA’s COVID-19 safe practices, witness a breach of this code of conduct or need to report a case or close contact with a person infected with COVID-19, please contact NIDA Corporate on or 1300 650 357.

NIDA has signed the Joint Statement by Theatres in Sydney.

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