Health and Safety – Face to Face Learning

Here’s how NIDA Corporate is supporting your health and safety and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic once face-to-face classes resume.

We have:

  • Closely monitored the number of attendees in all NIDA Corporate classes.
  • Limited the presence of staff, students and visitors before, during and after class where possible, practical and safe to do so.
  • Trained and supported staff to ensure best hygiene and safety practice.
  • Transitioned to digital resources where possible, including course outlines, surveys and certificates to reduce physical touch points. Hard copies of class resources will be available where necessary or to support inclusion and access.

At NIDA Kensington Sydney and NIDA Southbank Melbourne we have:

  • Increased cleaning of all areas in frequent use and high touch point areas.
  • Provided hand sanitiser and appropriate cleaning products in classrooms.
  • Introduced temperature screening at select times in NIDA Sydney and in some circumstances at NIDA Melbourne. In the event your temperature is 38 degrees C or above you will be asked to seek medical advice and not be permitted to enter the building.

At all external venues where NIDA operates we have:

  • Liaised with the venue to ensure they comply with government guidelines around COVID-19 safety and can support NIDA best practice standards.

Our teaching and management staff will:

  • Keep accurate attendance records to support contact tracing, if required.
  • Ensure all participants are properly briefed on and maintain social distancing and hygiene expectations.
  • Actively manage the number of people present in classrooms and common areas at all times.
  • Take your concerns about breach of best practice and safety seriously.

We expect NIDA Corporate participants to keep each other and the wider community safe by following the practices outlined below:

  • Please do not attend a class if you are feeling unwell and experiencing flu-like symptoms, however mild. If so, please get a COVID-19 test and remain at home until you receive your results. It is important that you notify NIDA if you test positive for COVID-19.
  • Take care on public transport and avoid using during peak times if possible. In the event that you use public transport, please ensure that you observe social distancing and wash your hands thoroughly ASAP after travelling.
  • Maintain good hygiene practices at all times – regular washing/sanitising of hands, cover coughs and sneezes and restrain from physical contact or handshakes. If you bring equipment to class, it should be sanitised before and after use.
  • Ensure physical distancing – maintain a distance of at least 2 metres between yourself and other people at all times.
  • Limit the people present at class start and finish. Please do not bring anyone with you to class unless you require assistance.
  • Limit movement before and after class – do not linger in the building before or after class. Maintain social distancing during break times, especially when exiting and entering rooms and do not congregate at doorways or in corridors.
  • Food and catering – where we have arranged catering for on-site courses, we will provide a lunchbox-style format instead of a buffet. We will only source catering from businesses which have a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place and are meeting mandatory obligations to reduce the risk of COVID-19. Please note that the cafe at NIDA Sydney will not be open and food preparation will not be possible in any location. Please do not share food, drink bottles or utensils with others.

If you have a concern about NIDA’s COVID-19 safe practices, witness a breach of this code of conduct or need to report a case or close contact with a person infected with COVID-19, please contact NIDA Corporate on or 1300 650 357.

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