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Presenting with Media

Conquer the challenges of media presentation. Overview Learn to work effectively with the media to reach your audience through any medium, be it television, radio, print or online. Presenting with Media is a two day course that will teach you how to manage the opportunities and challenges faced in today’s media-centric world. Work with industry experts in state of the art facilities to develop techniques to enhance your on-screen presence, deal with difficult questions and enliven... [More]
$2,650 Limited inc GST
Presenting with Media

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Presentation and Communication Skills Workshop

NIDA Corporate delivers practical communication and presentation skills training. Our programs use the core acting techniques taught at NIDA to equip participants with the skills to become confident, inspirational leaders and communicators. Workshops can be delivered over a series of days, at a seminar or conference, or in small groups. Join us for a 60 minute introductory workshop to learn how our techniques might boost your team’s ability to: Present with Impact Build confidence... [More]

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Presenting in a Digital World

Engage and inspire your online audience. Overview Engage and inspire your online audience through simple techniques for an effective video presentation. Exploring digital video across all industries and platforms, this one-day course will equip you with tools to effectively deliver your message on camera, whether you are producing a video for your business, leading a webinar or conducting a Skype meeting. View dates Outcomes Increased confidence when presenting to camera Greater... [More]

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Persuasive Negotiation

Master the art of decisive and influential negotiations. Overview This one day course will empower you with techniques to build rapport, think spontaneously and navigate your way through crucial negotiations. Employing the techniques actors use to think on their feet, Persuasive Negotiation is designed to give you the practical tools to communicate with success in professional negotiation encounters and high-pressure scenarios. View dates What people have said about the course 'I... [More]

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Networking Skills: Working the Room

Network with success and build professional relationships. Overview Working the Room is a practical course that shows you how to use actor’s techniques to network effectively and build genuine rapport in a business or social situation. Participants are introduced to tools to help navigate different scenarios, and will have the opportunity to put them into practice each week in a relaxed simulated networking session. View dates Outcomes Improved confidence Enhanced physical and... [More]

This course has no current classes. Please join the waiting list

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