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Presenting with Media

Conquer the challenges of media presentation.


Learn to work effectively with the media to reach your audience through any medium, be it television, radio, print or online. Presenting with Media is a two day course that will teach you how to manage the opportunities and challenges faced in today’s media-centric world. Work with industry experts in state of the art facilities to develop techniques to enhance your on-screen presence, deal with difficult questions and enliven scripted media presentations.

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What people have said about the course

'I’m so grateful for the excellent work your two tutors did. It’s really given me the gift of the gab! In fact, recently I even gave a presentation for Hack Day in Sydney, a feat of which I’m not sure I could have done, or could have done as well as I did, without the teachings I got from NIDA'
Media Researcher, Australian Associated Press (AAP)

'I found this to be the most informative and compelling course that I have taken in my professional career. I continue to utilise the skills, as they apply to so many aspects of working life. I felt that I was a confident presenter before the course, but the improvement from the tape created on the first morning, when compared to our final piece on the second day, was extraordinary. I believe that this course is essential training for any executive that represents their company in the media, or in any public forum.'
*Major Donor Relationship Manager, The Smith Family *


  • Greater confidence preparing and delivering media presentations
  • Understanding of how technical elements can impact your performance
  • Enhanced physical and vocal presence on-screen and off-screen
  • Improved ability to respond effectively to challenging and impromptu media scenarios
  • Implementation of techniques to enhance scripted media presentations
  • Greater ability to manage difficult questions effectively and calmly

Course Components

Technology and You
Review and assess the impact different technology has on the delivery of presentations.
Consider audio and visual factors.

Voice and the Presenter
Identify and develop the skills necessary for effective vocal delivery on radio, television and online platforms.
Consider resonance, clarity and vocal range.

Engaging Your Audience
Plan for successful media presentations: engage your audience, use the location and situation to your advantage,
articulate your objective, identify obstacles and consider the strategies to overcome them.

Close-up Ready
Consider image and on-screen presence. Look at how hair, make-up and wardrobe styling contributes to your message.

Hitting Your Mark
Identify how spatial dynamics, body language and physical energy affect your audiences' perceptions.
Build confidence presenting to camera.

Impromptu Presentations to Camera
Use improvisation techniques to respond effectively in the moment and present to the media with confidence.
Respond to challenging questions and receive feedback and direction.

Scripted Presentations to Camera
Rehearse and deliver scripted presentations to camera.
Assess and review your performance style and receive constructive feedback and direction.

How to prepare

Please prepare a short 2-3 minute scripted media presentation.

Ask your colleagues to prepare 4-5 questions that the media might ask you if you were representing your organisation. The questions should be sealed in an envelope so that you cannot see them prior to the training. These questions will be used in media scenarios throughout the course.

Please wear comfortable clothes. On day two please bring a professional outfit to change into for different media presentation scenarios. We will need a current colour head shot to assist our stylist in selecting the right products for hair, makeup and wardrobe.

We welcome you from 8:30 am for tea & coffee. Please arrive by 8:45 am to ensure a prompt start.

Arrival tea & coffee, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided.


If you would like to know more about Presenting with Media, please contact one of our training specialists on 1300 650 357 today or contact us and we will respond to your enquiry within one business day.

Course Fee

$2,849 GST Inc. per person. This course has a maximum of six people.

This course can also be delivered in-house for your organisation.

See our cancellations and transfers policy.

We accept Mastercard and Visa online below. If you require payment by invoice please fill in our public course registration form (PDF 1,551 kB) and email to NIDA Corporate.

$2,849 Limited inc GST
Presenting with Media

<p><div class="flexslider">{block name:“presenting with media slider”}</div></p><p><em>Conquer the challenges of media presentation.</em></p><h2 id="Overview">Overview</h2><p>Learn to work effectively

$2,849 Limited inc GST
Presenting with Media

<p><div class="flexslider">{block name:“presenting with media slider”}</div></p><p><em>Conquer the challenges of media presentation.</em></p><h2 id="Overview">Overview</h2><p>Learn to work effectively


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