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Lyn Lee

Course Manager and Training Consultant, NIDA Corporate

Lyn has been course manager with the NIDA Corporate team for seven years. She has run her own business and brings experience and understanding to NIDA Corporate, working with groups and individuals, designing courses, teaching and as a training consultant.


Luciano Martucci

Business Development Associate, NIDA Corporate, Melbourne

A tutor with NIDA Corporate since 1998, Luciano has successfully trained business professionals in presentation and communication skills, voice, movement and performance techniques. He has worked with a diverse range of organisations and individuals from the private and public sectors.


Nithya Nagarajan

Client Engagement Manager, NIDA Melbourne

Nithya Nagarajan is a Melbourne-based arts professional with experience in performance, program production, arts management and business development. She is committed to enhancing the power of the creative arts as a catalyst for change in the community and corporate spheres, and she brings a melting pot of experiences to the Client Engagement Role at NIDA Melbourne.


Belinda Sculley

Course Manager, NIDA Corporate

Belinda Sculley is an energetic, collaborative leader who is passionate about delivering engaging, accessible and inclusive learning experiences for a diverse range of audiences. As a NIDA graduate (2000) and former professional actor, Belinda has first-hand knowledge and experience using the actor’s toolkit, and a clear insight into how those skills can be effectively applied to a learning environment.


Diane Smith

Senior Course Manager, NIDA Corporate

Di is a NIDA graduate with extensive experience working with clients from both the public and private sectors in communication and presentation skills training. Having taught with NIDA Corporate and NIDA Open, Di’s expertise lies in presenting for camera and the technical delivery of business communication such as video conferencing and online presentations.


Lauren Stuart

Course Manager, NIDA Corporate

Lauren is an experienced actor, presenter and communication coach. She has over four-years' experience designing and delivering training programs for clients across commercial and creative industries.


Vanessa White

Head of NIDA Corporate

Vanessa brings together a unique combination of knowledge across the corporate, government and arts sectors. She has over eight-years' experience in a range of areas, including customer relationship management (CRM) and strategy and change management for the global consulting firm Accenture.


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