Meet the Experts NIDA

Meet the Experts

Vanessa White

*Director NIDA Corporate Training*

Vanessa is a creative and collaborative leader with experience across corporate, government, and arts sectors. She is passionate about developing sustainable and mutually beneficial connections between the arts and business.


Michael Neaylon

*Acting Head of NIDA Corporate Training*

Michael is a commercially and culturally astute management professional who brings over 25 years’ experience marketing and developing corporate, educational, and public experiences, programs, and events to NIDA Corporate Training.


Aimee Foster

*Senior Manager Learning Design*

Beginning her career as a performer, Aimee has worked professionally across various mediums of film, theatre and voice over. Aimee has a passion for connecting with people of all walks of life.


Luciano Martucci

*NIDA Corporate Training Manager – NIDA Melbourne*

A tutor with NIDA Corporate Training since 1998, Luciano has successfully trained business professionals in presentation and communication skills, voice, movement and performance techniques. He has worked with a diverse range of organisations and individuals.


Suzi Dougherty

*Course Manager, NIDA Corporate Training*

Suzi Dougherty has extensive experience working with individuals and groups in both private and public sectors. She is perceptive and always excited to help people improve their communication skills.


Nicola Parry

*Course Manager, NIDA Corporate Training*

As a Course Manager for NIDA Corporate Training, Nicola brings over 15 years of experience in delivering skills-based experiential programs, applicable for a multitude of business contexts.


Brenton Wilson

*Client Relationship Manager, NIDA Corporate Training*

Brenton has a vast amount of experience in the arts industry in roles both on-stage and off. Following his successful 15-year stretch as a performer, Brenton completed a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and turned his focus to arts administration, event management and talent management.


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