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Vanessa White

*Director NIDA Corporate*

Vanessa is a creative and collaborative leader with experience across corporate, government, and arts sectors. She is passionate about developing sustainable and mutually beneficial connections between the arts and business.

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Luciano Martucci

*NIDA Corporate Manager – NIDA Melbourne*

A tutor with NIDA Corporate since 1998, Luciano has successfully trained business professionals in presentation and communication skills, voice, movement and performance techniques. He has worked with a diverse range of organisations and individuals from the private and public sectors.

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Suzi Dougherty

*Course Manager, NIDA Corporate*

Suzi Dougherty has extensive experience working with individuals and groups in both private and public sectors. She is perceptive and always excited to help people improve their communication skills.

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Diane Smith

*Course Manager, NIDA Corporate*

Di is a NIDA graduate with extensive experience working with clients from both the public and private sectors in communication and presentation skills training. Having taught with NIDA Corporate and NIDA Open, Di’s expertise lies in presenting for camera and the technical delivery of business communication such as video conferencing and online presentations.

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Sonia Todd

*Course Manager, NIDA Corporate*

Sonia is a NIDA graduate with experience in delivering presentation and communication training to a broad range of groups and individuals. As Course Manger, Sonia brings her performance background and first-hand experience of being in the room, delivering the highly regarded public and bespoke courses NIDA Corporate offers to business professionals.

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