Case Study - EY

EY have been working with NIDA Corporate for five years in an innovative partnership to offer a variety of customised courses and tailored individual coaching for their employees.

NIDA Corporate Course Manager, Lyn Lee says it has always been an enjoyable relationship working with EY across their different employee support programs.

‘Through their Network of Winning Women, NIDA Corporate hosted sessions to help the participants enhance their own personal presentation style,’ Lyn says.

'We not only looked at how to enhance communication skills, we also made sure the workshop was a fun experience for the women, which gave them “tools” they could apply on a daily basis. Approximately 100 women attended the two workshops where we showed them how an actor’s techniques can be adapted to have relevance in the business context.'

Jacqueline Maroney, Operations Director Risk Management says she was impressed with the NIDA Corporate team’s professionalism and attention to detail prior to the session to ensure the tutors understood the brief and delivered to EY’s expectations.

'We have received amazing feedback for the recent session delivered by NIDA for our Network of Winning Women. It’s been described as interactive, practical, fun and energetic and our participants have asked for more. The presenters were exceptional and frequently linked the skills back to the event theme – a highly successful event.'

NIDA Corporate has also worked with EY to provide tailored training to their senior managers. Participants were a select group of employees identified as high potential leaders who were often the firm’s representatives when working with clients.

These were people already performing at a high level, but who needed to now need to stand out, develop presence and make an impact on their audience of one or many. Every years since 2010, NIDA Corporate has delivered a workshop to assist these employees to develop presence and become the person others look up to.

Sam Marchetta, Senior Manager High Potential Learning said these were really successful workshops with all participants reporting that they could take away practical techniques that can be applied to their role.

'NIDA has consistently delivered outstanding workshops for our Senior Managers who report significant enhancements in the way they interact with their clients. Specifically, the techniques on adapting their vocal and physical have had a positive impact on building their personal brand.'

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